ZEUS PowerBank Field Survey Update & Best Practices

ZEUS PowerBankZEUS Battery Products recently conducted a field survey to determine the charging time for the most popular internet enabled smartphone models, and ran general performance tests on the ZEUS PowerBank overall. Based on our research, we’re providing everyone with industry best practices and phone charging times for your PowerBank(s).

Best Practices

  • It is important to note Internet enabled smartphones require a lot of POWER! Much more than traditional cell phones.
  • It is recommended to charge a smartphone when the ZEUS PowerBank is at full capacity.
  • Set aside a few hours to recharge the ZEUS PowerBank to full capacity first, before using it to charge a smartphone.
  • It is recommended a smartphone is left “OFF” while charging it on the ZEUS PowerBank. The PowerBank will charge a smartphone at a more efficient rate when the phone is turned off.
  • If a user tries to charge a smartphone on the ZEUS PowerBank when both the PowerBank and phone are extremely low on battery, this will likely cause the ZEUS PowerBank to immediately shut down. Make sure the PowerBank is recharged to full capacity first.
  • Recharging the ZEUS PowerBank with a smartphone wall adapter IS possible. It has been tested using the Samsung 1Ah wall adapter and found to successfully charge the device.

Phone Charging Guide

Phone Battery |Capacity | Hours to Charge

Droid Charge | 1600 mAh | 3.2

Droid MB810 | 1500 mAh | 3.0

Droid Incredible | 1300 mAh | 2.6

Blackberry Curve | 1800 mAh | 3.6

Blackberry Torch | 1230 mAh | 2.46

Blackberry Bold (M-S1) | 1550 mAh | 3.1

Blackberry Bold (F-S1) | 1270 mAh | 2.54

Galaxy S2 / IPhone 4S | 1420 mAh | 2.84

The ZEUS PowerBank is a portable battery charger that charges electronic devices via a USB port, including mobile phones, cameras, portable gaming devices, MP3 players and other UPS compatible devices. It’s easy, portable and perfect for anyone on the go! It is ideal for long flights and outdoor activities where remote charging is needed.

To order your PowerBank today, contact us at 630-295-6800 or email

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