TED Magazine Posts ZEUS Battery Products Alkaline Battery Flashlight Video

TED Magazine, the voice for the electrical distribution channel, recently published ZEUS Battery Products’ Alkaline Battery Flashlight Comparison Test YouTube video on their website. This time-lapsed video illustrating a series of alkaline batteries used in standard flashlights helps determine which leading alkaline battery offers the best overall performance.

ZEUS Battery Products decided to conduct this in-house comparison test pitting their own brand against 4 others, (left to right) Energizer, Rayovac, ZEUS, Duracell and a store brand. They loaded 2 D-cell batteries into identical flashlights using MagliteÒ Krypton bulbs turning them on, starting the camera and the timer. The goal of this test was to prove which batteries are the better value – taking longevity and price into account.

To learn more about the power of ZEUS alkaline batteries, watch the video clip directly on TED Magazine’s website at

Or find the video on YouTube at and share the outcome with your family and friends.

ZEUS Battery Products—Power Your World!

By jennymwright

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