4 FAQs On Sealed Lead Acid Battery Back Up In Avaya, Nortel, Panasonic, Toshiba, AT&T Phone Systems

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For most business organizations, the single most important piece of office equipment is the phone. One of the key elements to a successful business is effective communication with those that matter most–customers.  Phone systems provide sophisticated features for dynamic businesses of all sizes, large or small. They offer greater productivity, improved communications, and embrace one of today’s most intelligent, versatile, and cost-effective telecommunications solutions.  Phone systems allow you to share vital information and functionality between your main office, branch offices, and remote locations.  They can help you streamline your communications wherever and however you work. Phone systems allow you to take telephone functionality whenever you leave your desk by using a full line of integrated cordless and wireless phones. You can operate one integrated phone system for all your office locations, share capabilities throughout your business and save money by avoiding long distance charges between locations.  Phone systems have the ability to offer big capabilities and can increase your profitability in so many ways. 

With all the benefits available, most businesses today have made the wise choice to put a phone system in place at their workplace. And if you are looking to purchase a phone system for your office, it is absolutely necessary to purchase a battery back up along with it. Recent environmental events have proved this out. Between major earthquakes, tornadoes and thunderstorms, it has been a very extreme season.  Everyday storms can easily knock out power to your mission-critical business telecommunications, which is why it is important to ensure your phone system is prepared for continued access to electrical service during any and all types of power outages. Is your phone system hooked up to any emergency battery back up?  Could your business continue to operate during a power outage?  It is important to know all the facts about a battery back up before investing in one.  Below are 4 FAQs explaining what a battery back up is and why it is vital in a business phone system.

What is a battery back up?

A back up battery is a battery that provides continuous power and electricity to a phone system during a power failure. It simply connects to the power and allows for continuous runtime when power is lost. How long a battery back up will work depends on how much energy you drain out of it, as batteries have a limited lifespan.

What will it cost to purchase one for my business phone system? 

A batterybackup will cost around $99 and the average cost of a high end back up unit that works in multiple applications, including emergency lights, phone systems, security systems etc, can start at $300 and run up to several $1000s of dollars.

Why do I need a battery back up?

Businesses can not afford to terminate or lose calls when the power goes down.  The expense of a battery back up is nothing compared to a loss of productivity, service and sales. All major phone systems including Nortel Norstar, Nortel Meridian, Avaya Partner, Avaya IP Office, Cisco, NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, AT&T and others support battery back up. 

How will a battery back up help my business?

A battery back up helps avoid expensive damage to telecommunication equipment.  In addition to losing the ability to function, electrical storms and poor power quality can cause extreme damage to sensitive electrical components with power surges and brown outs.  Preparing for the unexpected and the damaging effects of power spikes to your costly telecommunication equipment protects your business phone systems safely and economically.

A battery back up will allow for continual operation during intermittent storm power outages and ensure communication with customers at all times.  It also gives a business the opportunity to notify customers in the event of a long-term power outage.  Without a battery back up unit, any active calls will be disconnected and no further calls can be made until power is reconnected.  A battery back up unit ensures continued use during a power outage, which helps avoid lost calls or missed messages.  This helps to eliminate frustration and missed sales opportunities. 

In the case of a very important business call, the last thing you want to worry about is a dropped call.   An organization can suffer expensive setbacks in terms of time and disruption. But, with a battery back up in place, a brownout can pass unnoticed. Purchasing an inexpensive high quality battery back up from ZEUS Battery Products can buy complete protection and peace of mind. 

Battery back ups are useful in all major phone systems including Nortel Norstar, Nortel Meridian, Avaya Partner, Avaya IP Office, Cisco, NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, AT&T and others.  The battery back up unit from ZEUS Battery Products will provide quality, cost effective back up for your phone system.  Get ready for the next storm before it hits, purchase a battery back up from ZEUS Battery Products.  We are your one stop shop for sealed lead acid, alkaline, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries and more.  To see an extensive inventory of batteries or to discuss battery back up options for your phone system, contact ZEUS Battery Products by calling toll free 877-469-4255 or visiting

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