How and When To Test SLA Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Used in Emergency Light and Exit Signs

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After testing your emergency lights and/or exit signs regularly, you have discovered it is time to replace the battery.  You will likely notice the replacement emergency light battery you need is a sealed lead acid batteries or SLA batteries. SLA batteries were one of the first kinds of rechargeable batteries and recharging is exactly what they do when installed in an emergency light. As long as the power to the light remains on, the SLA battery is charging. As soon as the power is cut, the battery begins to power the unit, unless it is connected to an emergency generator.  The reason the batteries are sealed is so that there can be no spillage that could result in the loss of power. Because these batteries are used in emergency lighting and medical devices, it is imperative they not lose power by malfunction. The best online battery retailers, including, will offer a 12 month warranty to ensure they stand behind the quality and reliability of their batteries.

Why is it so important that I replace my emergency light batteries?

Even rechargeable batteries wear down and lose their capacity to hold a charge over time. That is why sometime after your battery warranty has expired, you will find yourself going out to buy a new rechargeable battery. Even though they need replacement eventually, rechargeable batteries are still a better alternative to non-rechargeable batteries when used in an emergency device. It is highly recommended you use only rechargeable batteries in your emergency light.

How do I go about finding the correct replacement battery?

The easiest way to find the correct replacement for your battery is to check the voltage, dimensions and terminal type of your current battery. To do this you must first find the battery compartment on your light. If it is an exit sign, the battery compartment is usually found above the word exit. Depending on the light you may need to unscrew it or simply pop it open.

How do I install an emergency light battery?

Some batteries will be housed in a harness, which you must remove, or others will simply be in the unit by themselves. Remove the harness or battery from the unit. The voltage will usually be either 6v or 12v. The dimensions and terminal type can vary based on your particular emergency light. Use the voltage, dimensions and terminal type to purchase your new battery. Place the new battery into the harness and return the harness to the housing. If there was no harness, simply install the new battery so that the terminals are matched up correctly. Replace the cover to the battery compartment and screw in place if necessary. Most lights will have a test button so you can test the new battery. Emergency light testing makes sure that the battery is working properly in the event of an emergency power outage.

How should I go about shopping for a replacement battery?

Make sure to take your time. Be sure to shop the wide selection of emergency light batteries on the website. They provide a one year warranty on every emergency light battery that they offer. Getting the best value for the battery you purchase will help cut down on the ongoing cost of maintaining your emergency lighting equipment. It’s important to note, the replacement battery must be rated for the same voltage and at least as many ampere hours as the original. It must be the same or smaller in size, since most emergency and exit sign fixtures has no extra room to accommodate larger batteries.

Although replacement batteries may be available through electrical contractors, electrical wholesalers, and manufacturers, most batteries are available more quickly and at a cheaper expense from retailers who specialize in batteries, such as  

After reading this article, you now have a better idea of knowing how to properly test and shop for a replacement emergency light battery. Ultimately, the reliability of your emergency lighting system depends on proper care and choosing the best sealed lead acid battery for your needs. If you’re looking to save money when purchasing your next emergency light battery, look for a value-priced manufacturer that offers replacement SLA batteries that are high quality, long lasting and provide a minimum of a one year warranty, such as

ZEUS Battery Products is your one stop shop for finding your next SLA battery for your emergency lighting system. Emergency light batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes. ZEUS Battery Products offers emergency light sealed lead acid batteries at an affordable price and can ship today. They offer a variety of sealed lead acid batteries, RC lithium polymer LiPo batteries, lithium ion Li-Ion batteries, nickel metal hydride NiMH batteries, nickel cadmium NiCd batteries, lithium batteries and alkaline batteries. They have a full staff of emergency light battery engineers and experts to help you find the right product.  To see an extensive inventory of batteries to choose from or for more information or a quote, call us toll free 877-462-4255 or visit our website at

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