Best Sealed Lead Acid Battery SLA For Emergency Lighting, UPS, Wheelchair U1, RBC Kits In Chicago IL

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If you want the best sealed lead acid battery for your application or device, you’ve probably already done some research on what to look for, but it’s easy to become confused and frustrated with all the conflicting technical data and information out there. 

Battery specifications and data vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so learning the basics can really help you narrow down your choices.  Sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are the cheapest and most economical choice for larger power applications where weight is not an important factor.  Average battery life becomes shorter as your energy requirements increase and the lifespan of the battery itself depends on the usage.  Typically, they will last 6 months to 3 years, but only a small margin of SLA batteries reach the 3-year mark.  The SLA battery is the preferred and best choice for emergency lighting battery, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, wheelchairs U1, scooters, rechargeable battery cell (RBC) kits and medical equipment. 

Understanding Battery Life and Performance

Many of the most common consumer complaints about SLA batteries are about how they won’t take or hold a charge.  Battery life decreases as energy requirements of your application or device increase.  Most batteries fail before 3 years due to sulfation buildup.  This buildup arises when sulfur molecules in the battery acid become so deeply discharged that they begin to coat the battery’s lead plates.  At that point, plates start becoming so coated that the battery dies.  However, there are ways to prevent sulfation buildup.  Do not allow a battery to sit for too long between charges.  Do not apply incorrect charging levels or purchase a low quality battery charger.  Never expose a battery to extreme temperatures for more than a 24-hour period.  Perform regular maintenance inspections of your SLA battery in hot and cold weather.  It’s best to recharge a battery immediately after discharge.

SLA Battery Maintenance

If you want the best sealed lead acid battery for your money, it is important to take excellent care of the battery after its purchase.  Otherwise, even the best SLA battery could suffer from poor performance within 6 months.  Battery charging and maintenance is extremely important. The battery should be cleaned using baking soda and a few tablespoons of water.  Cable connections should be cleaned and tightened on a weekly basis.  Battery issues often occur due to dirty and loose connections.  Make sure to check the fluid level of the battery and run battery tests on a regular basis.  If you’re in doubt as to how to do this, call the battery manufacturer. The engineering department can assist you through this process.  Most batteries offer a toll-free customer service number or email address to contact for assistance.

Selecting A Sealed Lead Acid Battery

When purchasing a new SLA battery, it’s best to purchase a battery with the highest amp hour rating and reserve capacity.  You should also take into consideration the terminal type and physical case size.  An Absorbed Glass Mat rather than a Wet Cell is a better battery type if your application or device is placed in a harsh environment or if the SLA battery is not going to receive regular charging and maintenance.  It’s important to buy the correct type of battery for the work it must do.   Always make sure your new battery stays fresh after purchase.   The longer a battery sits idle without being recharged, the more likely sulfation buildup will occur on the plates and cause a great deal of damage.  Most SLA batteries offer a manufacturer date code on the battery.  Check this date to see how fresh your battery is.  Always make sure to buy a SLA battery that offers a one-year manufacturer warranty.  The warranty period protects against defect in material and workmanship, and should offer replacement, repair or credit by the manufacturer.

In order to ensure you’re purchasing the best sealed lead acid battery in Chicago, you’ll need to understand the battery basics outlined above.  Once you’ve narrowed down your choice and made your purchase, you’ll need to continue proper maintenance and care so your battery remains healthy, durable and provides dependable service. 

To see one of the best sealed lead acid SLA battery lines on the market, visit or call 877-469-4255.

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