Important Tips To Know Before Purchasing Your Next UPS Backup APC RBC11 Replacement Battery

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APC RBC11 batteries are typically used for large information processors and backup power supplies providing a reliable, powerful and uninterrupted power source. An RBC battery can usually be expected to last longer than a year, however, as with any battery, you never know exactly when its lifespan will run out. When the time comes, there are several steps you will need to be aware of before purchasing a replacement APC battery. The following are 4 FAQs to consider before putting any money down on your next APC RBC11 UPS replacement battery.

Check the specifications of your RBC11 APC Battery

Before buying a replacement RBC11 battery, make sure to take the current battery out of the unit and write down the specifications. Not all RBC11 batteries are made in the exact same size and shape, and power protection manufacturers often change these specifications without notice. So while the specs on your unit may list one size when you visit the manufacturer’s website, your RBC11 may be a different size entirely.  You need to make sure the size and shape of your replacement battery is either slightly undersized or exactly matches the current RBC11 battery you have in your backup power supply.  This step is important to ensuring the replacement battery you have purchased will fit your unit. Never assume the specifications of your current battery. This way you are not wasting postage and handling money by having to return the wrong size replacement battery back to the retailer. 

Why proper disposal is necessary

In most states, it is actually illegal to dispose of an RBC11 APC battery or any other APC battery in the garbage. The reason is due to the acids and leads contained in these batteries, which poses an environmental risk if their disposal is not handled responsibly. It is not worth the risk to dispose of a battery improperly, as it is an offense that often times, carries a fine.  Luckily, the best online battery retailers, including, can direct you to a local retailer who offers safe battery disposal.

Determining the best time to replace your RBC11 UPS Battery

Knowing when to replace your RBC11 is simple. Make sure to order your replacement when the warranty on your current battery is close to its expiration date. The warranty is a guarantee of how long you can expect a battery to last, meaning that, it may last longer, but there is no way of knowing for sure. The best online battery retailers, such as, offer a one year warranty simply because one year tends to be the maximum amount of time that you can safely rely on an RBC11 battery to function at its best.

Ensure you are buying from a reputable retailer

The RBC11 replacement battery pack that ZEUS Battery Products sells is made of high quality long lasting batteries. These batteries are designed to handle UPS loads and are tried and tested to exceed manufacturer’s specifications. The batteries we sell are the same high quality batteries we install into the UPS system we offer. By purchasing high quality batteries, you are ensuring that your UPS will perform as required at all times, and gives you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is protected.

Before putting any money down for your next replacement RBC11 APC battery, make sure you have a clear understanding of the FAQs provided in this article. ZEUS Battery Products is your source for APC RBC replacement batteries. Whether you need a single RBC11 APC battery for a UPS or you need to replace an entire floor of APC RBC batteries, you can trust in ZEUS Battery Products to be the best retailer and at the right price. ZEUS Battery Products specializes in complete UPS APC replacement kits for APC and other major manufacturers. All of their batteries meet or exceed the original manufacturers’’ specifications. View the full line of replacement RBC APC UPS batteries at their website,, to find the battery you need. 

If you have additional questions about sealed lead acid batteries, UPS batteries, or tips on keeping your UPS batteries in shape, contact their technical department at 877-469-4255. They have a full technical staff on hand to assist your every question. All of their APC RBC batteries come complete with a 24 month warranty ensuring you complete satisfaction and peace of mind when purchasing your next replacement battery. For questions, quotes, or help with finding the correct replacement battery, contact ZEUS Battery Products by calling toll free at 877-469-4255 or visiting

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