ZEUS New Trademark “Power Your World” Unveiled

You heard it first! 

Back in January 2012, ZEUS Battery Products made the executive decision to move forward with trademarking our company slogan “Power Your World”. After months of paperwork and back and forth communication with our law firm and the United States Patent and Trademark office, we are excited to announce as of today, the USPTO has now published the Power Your World trademark to the world! However, there is still another 2 month period for anyone else to post an objection. If no one responds in that timeframe, then we will have the official seal of this trademark being registered. We will make another announcement at that time once we’ve received the official government trademark registration seal.

You can expect to see this trademark published everywhere, through our products, newsletters, banner ads, marketing materials, etc.  ZEUS provides excellent quality batteries at low-end prices, and our customer service team is top-notch. ZEUS Battery Products provides the right batteries when you need them the most to help Power Your World!

Tell us what you think of our new trademark, by posting a comment below. For questions or product information, feel free to visit our website at www.ZeusBatteryProducts.com or contact our sales team at sales@ZeusBatteryProducts.com or call 630-295-6800.

By jennymwright

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