Mission Statement

ZEUS Battery Products Mission Statement 

  • We will generate customer, representative, company, and employee growth by creating and promoting the unique selling advantages of our products, capabilities, and services as a manufacturer and distributor of ZEUS batteries, packs and assemblies.
  • We will seek out opportunities for continuous improvement and competitive advantage internally and in the marketplace.

  • We will treat our customers, representatives, and fellow employees fairly and with integrity and respect at all times.
  • We will be accountable for our individual contributions to sales performance and customer satisfaction as we pursue consistent year-to-year growth.
  • We will support, and reward our representatives and fellow employees in a manner that is consistent with their commitment, participation, and contribution toward accomplishing our mission.
  • We will manufacture, supply and distribute ZEUS batteries, packs and assemblies in a manner that follows the standards and guidelines set forth by the ISO 9001 and meets or exceeds customers’ requirements.
  • We understand and appreciate the many challenges our customers face regarding accuracy, complexity and deadline. Accordingly, we will support our customers and their deadlines to the best of our ability; not only with off-the-shelf items, but also with diverse and custom items made especially for their particular project(s).

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