Products and Services

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

  • ZEUS sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are manufactured in a variety of sizes and amp hour (AH) ratings allowing for maximum flexibility in design and use.
  • They can be discharged in any position due to their valve regulated design.
  • They require no special handling when shipping.
  • They offer deep discharge recoverability.

Custom Battery Packs

  • ZEUS Battery Products is a leading provider of custom battery pack assemblies.
  • Can be assembled in short run to large volumes and from simple to complex applications.
  • Their assembly processes are performed in accordance with ISO9001:2008.
  • They assemble battery packs using all chemistries: nickel cadmium (NiCd), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), lithium (primary, lithium ion, and lithium polymer), sealed lead acid (SLA) and alkaline.
  • Experienced working with intrinsically safe battery packs.

Alkaline Batteries

  • ZEUS alkaline batteries are manufactured in various sizes—AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volt.
  • They are free of  mercury and cadmium, making them non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • They perform well at high and low temperatures.
  • They can be stored at room temperature for two years and still retain 90 percent of their original capacities.
  • They are high performance—designed with high current and large capacity.

ZEUS Jump Starter

  • The portable automotive ZEUS Jump Starter offers a convenient portable way to jump-start your battery without the need of another vehicle.
  • It is suitable for vehicles with 12V DC batteries.
  • It has a USB and LED lamp power switch.
  • It has a LED lamp that lights continuously for 60 hours.
  • It has a battery charger status indicator and recharging socket
  • It has an alarm LED light , on/off jump-starter power switch , and a clamp for jump starter
  • It offers a 5V USB output for charging MP3s, cell phones, digital cameras and more.

LiPo Battery Packs, SLAs & Accessories

  • ZEUS Battery Products is a leading RC lithium polymer (LiPo) and sealed lead acid (SLA) battery and battery pack manufacturer and distributor.
  • ZEUS LiPo batteries and battery packs are widely used for RC airplanes, helicopters, boats, cars and other toys.
  • They offer outstanding performance in safety, flexible design, low self discharge and excellent charging  performance.
  • They are environmental friendly, offer long shelf-life and are perfect for high-tech use.
  • ZEUS LiPo Packs are built using high quality cells that are packed with power.

Emergency Lighting Batteries

  • ZEUS sealed lead acid (SLA) emergency lighting replacement batteries are available for all types of emergency lighting systems including fire alarms, burglar alarms, back-up exits, inverters, security, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems.
  • They are easy to install with common tools.

ZEUS PowerBank

  • Accessories Included: 7 Charging Tips, Multiple Cable and a User Manual
  • 500 Cycle Lives
  • Up to 18 Hours extra talk time on mobile phones
  • Up to 90 Hours extra music time on MP3 players
  • Up to 18 Hours extra play time on gaming devices
  • Up to 48 Days extra read time on electronic book readers

Battery Chargers

  • ZEUS battery chargers are used for charging 6 Volt to 12 Volt  sealed lead acid batteries.
  • They come with a finished indicator light.
  • A  broad range of high-end and self-adjusting NiMH and NiCd chargers for packs ranging from 12-14.4V and 2.8-7ah.

Lithium Batteries

  • ZEUS lithium batteries offer a high energy density.
  • They have a long cycle life and no memory effect.
  • They have a fast charge capacity and high voltage.
  • They are pollution free.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

  • They are economical and have a long storage & shelf life.
  • They offer high-rate   charging.
  • They have a reliable self-resealing vent.
  • Wide application field. NiCd batteries with a capacity from 100mA to 7,000mA are available.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

  • NiMH  are environmentally friendly.
  • NiMH offers double the energy density of NiCd batteries.
  • They can repeatedly charged and discharged for multiple cycles.
  • They offer high discharge rates.
  • They have no memory effect.

Power Solutions Battery Back Up for Toshiba Phone Systems

  • ZEUS Battery back-up systems meet or exceed all competitors’ units.
  • The kits include fuse and cable assembly for one cabinet.
  • Custom configurations and additional cables for multiple cabinets are available upon request.
  • ZEUS Power Solutions will refurbish any competitor’s unit.

Mobility/Scooter Batteries

  • ZEUS Battery Products carries replacement scooter batteries for most every scooter brand and scooter model .
  • Choose from an extensive inventory of ZEUS sealed maintenance-free scooter batteries from top brand name manufacturers including Invacare, Pride, Hoveround, Amigo, and 21st Century.
  • Most scooter batteries are in stock for same day shipment.

Medical Batteries

  • ZEUS Battery Products supplies sealed lead acid (SLA) medical batteries for medical equipment and chargers.
  • Replacement batteries for the leading brands of medical  equipment.
  • Choose from an extensive inventory of their sealed maintenance-free medical batteries from top brand name manufacturers.
  • Most medical batteries are in stock for same day shipment.

Wheelchair Batteries

  • ZEUS Battery Products supplies batteries for battery-powered wheelchairs, chair lifts, electric wheelchairs, and chargers.
  • Choose from an extensive inventory of ZEUS sealed maintenance-free wheelchair batteries from top brand name manufacturers.

Coin Cell Batteries

  • Coin cell batteries are used for powering watches, hearing aids, calculators, medical devices, keyless entry FOBS, toys, portable electronics and many other applications.
  • They are available as both primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) batteries.
  • Coin cell battery holders available upon request.
  • Surface-mount and through-hole-mount types available.

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